5 Best Fingerstyle Guitar Players

When I say fingerstyle guitar, do you say… huh? You might’ve heard of guitarists Michael Hedges or Andy Mckee but if not, they are among some of the pioneers in what has been deemed “fingerstyle” guitar. Michael Hedges dropped audiences’ j

Save Our Monarchs

Butterflies have always had a special meaning to me. Not only are they beautiful and angelic but they stand as a symbol of joy and transformation. Monarchs are special to me for another reason. My sweet mother, who passed away from a brain tumor when I was seventeen, wa

Fingerstyle Guitar

“Camille, you have GOT to see this!!!” as my friend opened up her laptop. Ten years ago, I had no idea what she was about to show me would have such a profound impact on me. My friend pulled up a YouTube link of a mind-blowing performance of an incredible gu