Brunner Guitars is a Swiss guitar manufacturer founded in 1995. They combine traditional elements with new innovative ideas and insights. Their passion leads to most of the guitars beingcustom built and are as unique as the musicians who play them.

Taylor Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer founded in 1974. Based in El Cajon, California, Taylor Guitars has been the #1 acoustic guitar manufacturer in the United States. They are also known for their semi-hollow electric guitars.

KLŌS guitars is a new travel guitar company out on the market. The company was founded in 2014 and they doubled their first kick starter goal of $15,000. In July of 2016 they raised $103,000 dollars to help achieve their goal of distributing their handcrafted guitars around the world.

Nicola Brand Strings are guitar strings made my musicians–for musicians! They offer a classic vintage sound and are wrapped with premium metal alloy to deliver a superior tone and feel. The strings are often used with a wide range of genres.

Heart Dance Records was started in 2009 by composer and flutist Sherry Finzer, with the goal of creating music to help with healing, relaxation, and meditation. Camille signed with Heart Dance Records in early 2019 with her first album set to release August this year.

Stone Angel Music is an independent record label founded in 1999 by Paul Cardall. Originally started to produce, market and distribute his own recordings, they have signed many successful artists. Camille signed with Stone Angel Music at the beginning of 2017.

Journey Instruments is a guitar & ukulele manufacturer whose main focus is combining excellent sound with the ease of portability. They offer two series of guitars: Overhead & Roadtrip. Both series are available in wood & carbon fiber and they offer limited & custom editions of both.

Stonebridge guitars is a Czech guitar manufacturer founded in 1981. The original name is Furch Guitars, but have been re-branded for the American Market. Under Czechoslovakian socialist rule, he originally hid their craft from officials. They currently offer two lines of guitars.


The American Brain Tumor Association was founded in 1973 in Chicago, Illinois. It was the first nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to brain tumor patients, their families, funding brain tumor research and the only one that still remains to this day.

Camille has been passionate about butterflies most of her life. Save Our Monarchs Foundation began with the goal in mind to rescue the endangered Monarch Butterfly. The organization consists of six families and a hands-on approach, planting milkweed plants and are passionate about the cause.