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Camille Nelson’s new album, Sacred Lullabies, released on Heart Dance Records, is a collection of original songs and hymns, including both instrumental and vocal arrangements, recorded with the intent of instilling that same sense of peace that Camille felt as a child in those that listen.

Sacred Lullabies contains six stunningly beautiful vocal tracks featuring guest artists Kimberly Knighton & Britney Holman on “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” and “We’ll Bring the World His Truth”, singer-songwriter Madilyn Paige on “Our Lullaby”, Irish Soprano singer Alex Sharpe (Celtic Woman) on “Into the West”, vocalist Stephanie Madsen on “Not For a Moment” and the angelic voice of Catherine Bohman on “Pie Jesu”.


Track List

I Am a Child of God
Abide with Me
I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (feat. Kimberly Knighton & Britney Holman)
Redeemer of Israel
Our Lullaby (feat. Madilyn Paige)
A Child’s Prayer
Not For a Moment (feat. Stephanie Madsen)
Paris Lullaby
Into the West (feat. Alex Sharpe)
New World (feat. Matthew John Nelson)
We’ll Bring the World His Truth (feat. Kimberly Knighton & Britney Holman)
For the Beauty of the Earth
Pie Jesu (feat. Catherine Bohman)
Where Can I Turn for Peace


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